Meet the Team

Between them, the Homevent team have over 6 decades of experience of working in the ventilation industry.

They can offer system design, installation and commissioning advice as well as guidance on regulatory matters related to home ventilation. They also provide “in house training” tailored to individual customer requirements.

John Bradley

Managing Director

John has overall responsibility for making sure Homevent provides our customers with what they want. He has a first class honours degree in Building Engineering as well as qualifications in Building Services (HVAC) and Mechanical Engineering. He is a Chartered Building Engineer and is the current Chairman of The Property Care Association (PCA).

Paul Harrington

Head of Sales

Paul’s wealth of knowledge and experience in residential ventilation is well known to our existing customers and becomes quickly apparent to new ones. He is very much an “out and about” technical sales leader, be it helping customers on site, or providing in house training on various residential ventilation related matters. Paul is also the lead tutor of the PCA’s Residential Ventilation Masterclass.

Ruben Lourenco‑Magalhaes​

Site Services Engineer 
Ruben has responsibility for our installation work and also makes sure our Risk Assessments and Safe Working Methods are kept up to date and complied with. Ruben is Electrically and Ventilation qualified, has many years of experience in the installation and commissioning of ventilation units in dwellings and ensures work we do is notified to the local Building Control body when required.