Centralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation Unit

£369.00 Excl. VAT

  • Complies with all UK building regulation requirements
  • Independently tested by BRE
  • Annual running costs of as little as £5 per year for continuous operation
  • Ultra quiet, almost imperceptible noise level on background settings
  • Coated metal casing and durable plastic front cover and spigots
  • 4 inlet spigots to aid in installation and minimise system pressure drops
  • Numerous control strategies and a wide duty range
  • Suitable for ambient temperatures up to 40℃
  • Each unit is rigorously tested to relevant standards in our factory
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A centralised, continuously running, low energy, ultra quiet extract unit that simultaneously extracts air from multiple rooms such as kitchens, utility rooms, bathrooms, shower rooms, en-suites and toilets via a system of ductwork with a single discharge to atmosphere.

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The MORI MEV HT is the most flexible, adaptable unit of its type available on the market.

It can be set to operate in various control modes including:
• Single speed (fully adjustable).
• Two speed (each speed fully adjustable). The higher of the two speeds, i.e. the Boost speed, by means of a remote switch or remote sensor e.g. 149-SEN-PIR.
• Variable speed via remote controller 149-SEN-CTRLM.
• Variable speed via a building management system (BMS).
• Three speed (first two speeds are fully adjustable and third speed is maximum speed of the fan) via remote controller 149-SEN-3V or other compatible switch.

The unit also has an integral humidity sensor which can be enabled or disabled as required. When enabled and whenever the humidity threshold level is reached, the fan will automatically increase in speed by 15% over whichever speed setting the unit is on. When the humidity level drops below this set humidity threshold level the fan will continue to run at the 15% increased speed for a pre-set period of time before reverting back to the original speed.

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